Out the Window Quilts

Here is my New Series of "Out The Window" Quilts. These are custom made to reflect the memory of somewhere special to the recipient of the quilt. These are Art Quilts; they will not look like a photograph, but they will evoke the feeling of your "special" place. They are made in my classic "Cozy Quilt" fashion, a lightweight quilt with a fleece backing that becomes both batting and backing.



Out the Adobe Window 2007.........................Out the Castle Window 2006

Prices start at $200.00 for a basic 48" wide by 60" long. Larger sizes and extra embellishment will cost more.

Please email me lstelt@cavenet.com with YOUR special place and let's see what we can create for your piece of art. You can hang these or put it on your bed or use as a throw on your couch or favorite chair. Your choice, your special view on the world.


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