Spirits of Home

"I had a visit today from three awesome spirits! The mirror turned out great...and the frame is just perfect! I don't
know how you do it, but it really is cool!"

A hidden image or picture in a mirror is our newest product. These make excellent gifts!! At first glance, a nicely framed mirror with your reflection. But wait, peaking through the silvered mist is an ancestor, perhaps a parent or a memorable loved one. As the angle changes, so will the intensity of the scene. Your chosen Spirit will appear and disappear. Visibility will vary with light, height of viewer, angle of hanging, and the strength of the spirit. Ancestors, loved ones, treasured memories and places, even favorite activities make ideal Spirits of Home. These ancestral reflections can be fun, memorable, comforting and intriguing while preserving a memory, or perhaps starting new ones. Whether you call it a Magic Mirror, Memory Mirror, Mystical Mirror, Mystery Mirror, Spirit Mirror, Home Spirit - or just a conversation piece - this is a unique gift you won't find just anywhere.

We tried taking photos of these 'magic mirrors' with little success. However, everyone who has seen them is intrigued, impressed, curious about the process, and eager to go home and choose their favorite photos to capture in a mirror.

The example on the left [spirit circled to help you find it] shows a great reflection of my textured ceiling. One on the right [same spirit] is reflecting the flash. IN EACH MIRROR, THE ENTIRE SURFACE IS REFLECTIVE - you could use as a regular mirror.

These are currently available in 8 x 10 or 5 x 7 mirrors, with from 1 to 3 spirits. Choose your own ancestor, event or place, and we'll prepare a Spirit for you. [We'll even provide a spirit if needed!] You may email or real mail us your photos. We can scan b&w, color and transparencies.

Accent your decor - if your bathroom is done in sea motif, choose a dolphin, lighthouse or similar for your mirror. How about florals to match your wallpaper border? There is no limit to WHAT you could choose. [We reserve the right to NOT print certain materials.]

$22.50 plus shipping for 8x10 without frame. $17.50 plus shipping for 5x7's. Please allow 2 weeks for prep time.

Handcrafted frame? Add $7.50. Larger size mirror or frame? Email us with details and we'll talk. Mirrors@homesteadline.com


Print this form and send with your pictures, or email us your directions. You may pay by credit card through PayPal or by check. Shipping will be approximately $5 per mirror; once we have your information we can email you the final cost. If you have ANY questions at all, please email - we'll do our best to make you a satisfied customer. Mirrors@homesteadline.com

Name: ______________________________ Address: _______________________________________

Email: ______________________________ Phone: _____________________________

You choose: 8x10 ____ 5x7 ____ other ____ Frame: yes __ no __ color choice _____________

How are you sending pictures and how many?

Email ___ Pics ____ Real mail (you may wish to insure) ____ Pics ____

Do you want pictures left as is, or color ones changed to B&W?

Placement in mirror: You may choose [see example] or we will work it out for you. Number the spaces you draw and match to your photos.




Example * ~ * 8x10 vertical * ~ * 8x10 landscape * ~ * 5x7 V * ~ * 5x7 L


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