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God Bless America!

These hand-crafted frames are padded fabric with embellishments. Represented are the Army, Navy, Air Force as well as both regular and desert camouflage which is suitable for Marines and National Guard. These are available in limited quantities.

When you order, there is a spot to fill in the color of your clothespin.

You might have won a free gift!

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Approximately 9"x11", 3x5 visible photo

The sample occupants are sons and nephews of our family.

If you prefer scrapping [scrapbook pages] Click HERE

For our Patriotic wall hangings - one of a kind - click HERE

Buy Army $14.95

Buy Navy $14.95

Buy Air Force $14.95

Buy Camo $14.95

Buy Desert Camo....$14.95

Click HERE to see the Patriotic hangings

or HERE for the scrapbook pages.




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