Yes we DO!!

We specialize in custom orders and personalizing your order.

Stop in for a visit and you will see:

We do have a number of 'ready made' items, ranging from note cards to children's activity kits, books, rustic framed art and our One of a Kind gifts that are already made.

However, most of our handicrafts are offered with YOU making the choices of color, fabric style, personalization in varying degrees, even size! Here are some examples with links to the page for each. When you have questions about availability, or a particular choice, you email us and we talk about it. We can always work out JUST what you need! This is the way to get YOUR one of a kind, YOUR way!

Communication before ordering is critical to our designing a personalized gift that evokes just the right memories for you and yours.



You choose a theme [floral, animal, fun print], a main color [blue, red etc], a picture and/or name for the pocket...or choose not to have it personalized.



These 16" memory teddy bears are made either from a treasured garment or other suitable fabric. The added vest can hold one or more picture, names, dates...your choice! Some are made in memory of the past, some to start a new memory, and all will become family heirlooms.


 Wall hangings


Personalized wall hangings are made with YOUR pictures, color and interest themes. Sizes on these are quite adjustable, and prices will vary depending on number of pictures, materials used and finished size. Visit Fabric Creations for more information, or email direct to


 Genealogy & Family Trees

With your photos, color choices, perhaps dates or facts, we can create a very special personalized family heirloom that will be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Here are two framed examples, starting at $29.95 with non-glare glass.



 Magic Memory Mirrors

Pictures of these just do NOT do them credit, but the basic theory is this: each mirror is just that, a mirror. Until you change your angle of viewing, and that is when the magic comes into play. These magic memory mirrors, or Spirit of Home, work like a regular mirror but have a hidden picture, or pictures, in them. Angle of viewing will reveal YOUR chosen picture inside. It might be grandparents wedding photo, perhaps your first home together, child's baby picture, a family reunion or other activity. The choices are endless. You provide a photo and we make the mirror for you. 8x10 or 5x7. A nice clear picture is required, but it can be B&W, color, slide, digital. We will scan and resize as needed, as we prepare the personalization for you.


What we are really getting at here is this: we personalize. You send us a picture and/or an idea and we make it yours. These are gifts that no one else is going to have, or going to give. Think about it.

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