Skookum Jim


Yarns of the old-timers


Many are the stories that have been told at the Pioneers Home at Sitka. Some of them related events in certain old-timers' lives, some were tall tales, some were tales retold, and many were telling of the sourdough's view of the "cheechaker".

As you read this book, try to imagine yourself listening in while some of these tales of yester-year were being exchanged amongst the Pioneers. All the stories and characters are fictitious, but we believe the author has given them the ring of authenticity.

Dedicated to the late Bill Ange and other sourdoughs, without whom there would not have been this Alaska to write about.



At the Pioneers home in Sitka

Where Alaska's weather is mild,

Sat a bunch of real oldtimers,

Telling tales of days that were wild.

There was Klondike Kelly and Patrick O'More,

Sam and Joe and old Swede Blue.

There also sat canny Jock McGraw

And even Frenchie Ladue.

There was Eric Mattson,

And also old George Black,

And the homesteader from the Kenai,

Held up by a brace on his back.

There too, was Weary Willie Andrews,

And a man just called Slim,

But the oldest of them all was

98 year old Skookum Jim.


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