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 Where do we spend more time than in the KITCHEN?

What you need are some very special accessories! Check out our kitchen crafts

Potholders, Bag Ladies, Micro mitts, Aprons..... Click HERE to view some samples of kitchen crafts made for satisfied customers. This is for ideas only, it is not a catalog! See something you like? Email us at and we can do something similar for you. 

Recycling? Yes, and done sooo attractively! Get your own Bag lady to brighten your kitchen or laundry room. Pick favorite colors and themes.

This lady will control and hide those reusable plastic grocery bags, and yet they will be easily retrieved whenever you need one.

Choices include dominant colors [red, blue, yellow, green, mixed] and theme [cows, pigs, apples, vegetables, flowers....] Please note that each Bag Lady is hand crafted, face hand painted, hair chosen just for your 'lady' ~ truly a work of love that anyone would be proud to share their kitchen with! Bag Ladies are $35 and up, email to discuss colors, themes etc. []


Micro Mitts

 Tired of fighting the battle of big potholders and mitts in the microwave? Nancy has the answer for you. These micro mitts were designed and field tested first...they work!! Available in asstd. colors and patterns to fit any kitchen, at $5.00 a pair how could you go wrong? Get some for yourself or use as a gift. They do not slip off when you use them, they will fit anyone, and they have a layer of heat barrier fabric to protect you against spills and burns. [We'll try to accommodate color preferences when possible, as materials in stock change constantly.] If you or anyone you know has a microwave, you NEED these! Great gift idea, order now by emailing with color and theme choices.


Standard Potholders & Aprons?

We have them, but in designs to have fun with. How often does someone say "hey that's a neat potholder? A great apron?" With these they will! The Aprons are from Linda's Country Floral, home of the Bag Lady, and she printed the potholders for the Homestead Line.



Aprons are $17.50 and up, in a variety of prints and colors dependent on availability

[Give us a preference for color and theme, we try to match []

Pot holders are $4.50 and up, again some choices are available! [welcome, cabin, bear, moose, indian raven or fabrics to match aprons or bag ladies]

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