Our lives and happiness are often based on memories. They can be the reason we are who we are, the background on which our lives are based. What could make a better gift than the preservation and display of happy memories? We offer a variety of ways to do just that - lasting memory gifts made from your photos.

Memory Pictures ~ ~ ~

Family Tree or family gathering

For a great gift or your own wall, we'll print your treasured photos on fabric, add stitchery and frame it behind no-glare glass. You provide photos [b&w, color, transparencies], your choice of words

Example shows 2 sides of family, hinged handcrafted frame [names, dates, quotes] and preferred style to include favorite colors etc. We will provide finished product in frame of your choice. Example on right shows possible placement on family tree.

Planning an anniversary or wedding? Give memories and history as your gift. It's easy and we do all the work! $29.95 + shipping includes 1 finished 8x10, non-glare glass and basic frame. Add $7.50 for handcrafted wood frame, your choice of color. Email for further details, so we can get your memories just right. We recommend you insure your photos, we will insure your return shipment.


Memory Teddy Bears ~~

A visit to Bellybutton Bears will show you just how a memory can become a treasured bear to display in your home. We can take your fabric, whether remnant of a long ago project or new, or a relative or friends favorite article of clothing and turn this into a memory teddy bear. We have worked with antique silk, aged blankets, many articles of clothing in addition to a variety of fabrics. When possible, pockets, buttons and other embellishments from the original item will be used in the completed bear.

Come on over to the Bear Den!



Wall Hanging is full of memories -- they could be yours!

 This one covers 80 years of life, from childhood in England through WWII, emigration to America, birth of children, homesteading in Alaska, various career moves and retirement, finished off with a family tree on the final 'page'. This one was for our mom, in honor of her 80th birthday ~ YOU can pick the memories and occasion you would like to preserve. Each project is priced on an individual basis, email for discussion.




Mirror, mirror on the wall.......who IS that peaking out at me??

Our latest brainstorm -- looks like a real mirror, it IS a real mirror......but wait, as the light changes, or you move, there is more. There IS something else, a person, a scene, a design. You choose whether you want to preserve a memory [perhaps Mom & Dad's wedding picture for an anniversary gift], a favorite place or activity, or just a lovely design to complement your decor. Maybe you want a ghost in your house? Okay, we'll help! Come on over to Mirrors and check it out.


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